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Mission Statement

"Take the organization to the Widest Possible Spectrum of Presence and Deliver the Finest Quality of Customer Satisfaction, through Infinite Levels of Advanced and Contemporary Solutions" A name to reckon with in the field of DISTRIBUTION. To constantly evolve and leave an imprint for the future to follow. To evolve as an accomplished in diversification, as per future planning in process. To commit towards Ensuring & Enhancing Customer Relation, Customer Retention & Sales.

Balaji Solutions Private Limited


Vision Statement

"Create Industry Benchmarks and Trends through Superior Quality Standards and Exceptional Innovations, steering the way for Unstoppable Growth and Global Leadership." Being among the top 10 distribution house of IT & TELECOMM hardware products on the national platform with an array of selected brands and their entire product range. Association with 10+ selective international brands each catering to specialty product range and dedicatedly operate as a distribution house PAN INDIA. Establishing FOXIN among the top 3 national brands in India in the IT, Telecomm & Electronic product segment, with special cynosure to possessing qualitative and technological edge in its range of products. "

Balaji Solutions Private Limited