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Balaji's Strengths

The strengths of Balaji Solutions create the core essence of the organisation and are the key mantras to its success story. A Passionate Team, Strong Business Values, Smooth Decisions, Global Quality Standards, Nationwide Presence... and more!

Passionate Team:

We are a young and energetic team at the helm of which is a dynamic & successful leader Ė the Managing Director of Balaji Solutions. Creating a perfect blend of growth & success and taking the organisation to greater heights is the prime focus of each & every member of the management team of BSPL.

Strong Business Values:

Business in Balaji Solutions is a transparent process which rests only on ethical business practices and nothing else.

Smooth Decisions:

Balaji Solutions provides an independent platform with clear and complete ownership of roles where delegation is practised in the true sense of the term. True to the need of the IT industry, this facilitates quick and speedy decisions. And that is why business here is in perfect tune with the industry pace.

Prized Partnerships:

SONY, CANON and DATOTEK. Partnership with these esteemed profiles defines Balajiís presence in todayís global IT scenario.

Pan India Presence:

Balaji Solutions pans across 28 branches in India reaching more than 30 towns and 7 metros. And the network continues to grow. The corporate affairs are handled out of the Kolkata Head office.

Global Quality Standards:

Uncompromising quality of products and services form the basic guideline of Balajiís business model. Like the key drivers in the global scenario, 100% quality and service satisfaction assurances are the strengths of Balaji in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. And this is delivered smoothly by an able team of 250 plus!

Financial Achievements:

Balaji has crossed its Rs 300 crore turnover mark this year. A company that started 14 years ago with a small but focussed team of 8 is today 250 plus. This goes to show that the company is positively on its unstoppable growth path achieving milestone after milestone.

ERP Backbone:

This has enhanced speedy access of information and has improved connectivity across branches for faster business decisions. Thereby integrating processes as well as different touch points in the industry network. ERP gives an extra edge to Balajiís business operations.